Osmani: The new phase of the dialogue should be guided by the principle of equal treatment and inclusion of issues of interest to our citizens

During her stay in Turkey, on the side-lines of the South-east Europe Cooperation
Process, the President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani met with the EU High
Representative Mr. Joseph Borell, with whom she spoke about the Kosovo-EU relations
as well as the dialogue with Serbia, facilitated by the EU.

“The new leadership of the country prioritizes the necessary reforms in order to advance the integration processes of our country in the European Union and NATO. We have shown readiness to participate in the dialogue, but in a well-prepared process, which will result in a final agreement for mutual recognition and will respect the sovereignty and integrity of Kosovo “, said President Osmani. 
“The new phase of dialogue which we are entering into, should be guided by the principle of equal treatment of the parties and ensure that it will include issues which are of importance to our citizens,” said President Osmani. 
According to her, the provision of information on missing persons by Serbia should be taken very seriously, also to show the commitment of the Serbian state to the dialogue goals. 
The President also stressed that Serbia has not implemented around 2/3 of the agreements signed in Brussels. Furthermore, she added that discussions on changing of territories are dangerous as it could destabilize the entire region. 
The President once again expressed to Mr Borell the concern of the citizens of Kosovo for the delay of the visa liberalization process and the process of integration of the country, and of the region, in the European Union. 
According to her, Kosovo has made significant progress, meeting all EU requirements specified to us, hence it is time for the EU to keep its promises, liberalize visas for our citizens, and accelerate the process of integration of the countries of the region that meet the criteria into the EU structures, as this strengthens the peace and stability in the region. 
EU High Representative, Mr. Borell briefed President Osmani on the EU preparations for the dialogue process and expressed confidence that the process already commenced shall continue and will achieve viable agreement between the two countries. 

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