The President: NATO forces entered Kosovo becoming saviors of the people of Kosovo

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani together with the Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca, Prime Minister Albin Kurti, the Deputy KFOR Commander Günter SCHöPF, the KSF Commander Rrahman Rama, the Minister of Defense Armend Mehaj, today laid a wreath at the Memorial Plaque of the fallen NATO soldiers in Kosovo.

President Osmani said that we are here to honor the extraordinary contribution of each NATO soldier, who stood by Kosovo in the darkest moments of its history.

“We are also here to honor the continuation of this contribution which did not stop in 1999, even when NATO forces entered Kosovo becoming saviors of the people of Kosovo, but a contribution which has continued further, and continues today for peace and security in Kosovo and in our entire region”, said the President.

According to the law on official holidays, this day is known as the Day of Peace, among our citizens it is known as the Day of Liberation and the Day of Freedom, and according to the President, all three of these epithets are appropriate for this day.

“Because, June 12, the entry of the NATO forces together with the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army brought to the Republic of Kosovo, after an extraordinary and superhuman sacrifice, both freedom and liberation, but also peace after many, many sufferings and sacrifices of our people”, she emphasized

President Osmani said that from here begins this day at this Plaque which marks the new history of Kosovo and the strong cooperation with the Western allies.

She further said that she will continue today with a commemorative event in the village of Old Poklek and then with other events throughout the day, because according to President Osmani, it really is a day which should be marked by all citizens of Kosovo.