The felicitation of President Jahjaga on the occasion of the feast of Kurban Bajram

On the occasion of the Kurban Bajram, The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga congratulated the citizens of Kosova and leadership of the Islamic Community of Kosovo.

In the felicitation it is said:

I congratulate all the citizens and Muslims believers of the Republic of Kosovo on the ocassion of the Kurban Bajram.

The Feast of the Kurban Bajram is a day of faith in God, a day of reverence, understanding and respect for each other, a day of peace and happiness of all people.

Our country, this year, receives this feast with great achievements in many fields, achievements on which, all of us together, will work to bring them further ahead. The Republic of Kosovo is an example of tolerance and coexistence of different religions and this makes it richer and more powerful.

On this day of celebration, let us remember them who need our helping hand. Let us be near to them and celebrate together.

Only by helping others this feast truly conveys its message.

Happy Kurban Bajram!