Statement of President Osmani

This week I asked the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora (MFAD), Donika Gërvalla-Schwarz, to declare two officials of the Liaison Office of the Russian Federation in Kosovo ‘persona non grata’, because of harmful activities that risk endangering national security and the constitutional order of the Republic of Kosovo. Today, MFAD has issued the decision to declare these two Russian officials undesirable persons in the Republic of Kosovo and has notified the law enforcement institutions and relevant authorities of its implementation.
The institutions of the Republic of Kosovo are determined to fight against the malign influence of the Russian Federation and its proxies in the region, which aim to undermine our achievements, and those of the US, NATO and the EU. For this reason, we will continue to closely co-operate with our American and European allies to prevent attempts for Kosovo and neighbouring countries to fall prey to the Russian Federation’s ambitions to destabilise our region.

I assure the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo that our institutions will never hesitate to act if our country’s security and constitutional order is threatened.