President Thaçi received at a farewell meeting the Ambassador of Macedonia, Ilija Strashevski

Prishtina, May 28th 2018 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, received today at a farewell meeting the Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia, Ilija Strashevski.

President Thaçi thanked Ambassador Strashevski for his efforts in advancement of the relations between Macedonia and Kosovo.

“Relations between our two countries are more than just neighbourly relations” said President Thaçi, adding that “one countries success reflects on the neighboring countries as well”.

President Thaçi expressed his support for the endeavors in finding of a solution to the name contest between Macedonia and Greece.

“Solution to the name contest between Macedonia and Greece, and Macedonia’s membership in NATO would mean stability and peace in the whole of our region” emphasized President Thaçi.

Ambassador Strashevski expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation between Macedonia and Kosovo and stated that during his tenure in Kosovo, 15 important bilateral agreements were signed and relations between two countries were advanced to a higher level.

At the end of the meeting President Thaçi conveyed his best wishes to Ambassador Strashevski on his new endeavors.