President Thaçi in Calabria: We will preserve the rich Arbëresh heritage together

Calabria/Cosenza, June 23, 2017 - The President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has started his official visit in Calabria with the joint meeting with the heads of Cosenza and the Mayors of the Arbëresh Municipalities of Calabria held in the palace of the Province of Cosenza.

The Prefect of Cosenza, Gianfranco Tomao, said he feels privileged to have President Thaçi as a guest in the Province of Cosenza.

He emphasized that Calabria is the land of the culture of 23 Calabrian communities, while the Arbëresh culture is unique in the human culture.

“These kinds of visits contribute to the preservation of the Arbëresh identity and the integration into Italian society”, stated the Prefect of Cosenza, Gianfranco Tomao.

Talking about Italy’s contribution to Kosovo, he said that the Italian soldiers did not just fight for Kosovo, but they also made peace within KFOR.

President Thaçi thanked the authorities of Cosenza and all the Italian governments for their contribution to Kosovo during the war and post-war period.

“We are particularly grateful to the authorities of Cosenza for offering shelter to the refugees of Kosovo during the war period”, he said.

The President emphasized that Italy, besides having recognized the state of Kosovo among the first countries, has also helped greatly for Kosovo’s membership into various international organizations.

With the heads of Cosenza and the Mayors of the Arbëresh Municipalities of Calabria, President Thaçi has also discussed about the rich Arbëresh heritage and about the possible forms of institutional and cultural cooperation in a mutual way.