President Thaçi: By honouring Demaçi’s life and work, we honour ourselves

Prishtina, July 30th 2018- President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, at the working day after the mourning period, paid homages at the grave of the well know activist, Adem Demaçi.

“I feel a moral and stately obligation, to today, at our first day back at work, honour in an institutional and stately manner, the man of the independence of Kosovo, the authority and moral, political, and nationwide institution, Adem Demaçi” , said President Thaci.

The head of state added that by honouring Demaçi’s life, we hounour ourselves.

“By respecting and honouring the life, the work and his life time engagements for Kosovo’s liberation and for the unification of Albanians, we honour ourselves and gain energy for our further steps ahead”, said he.

President Thaci pointed out that the state of Kosovo and the Albanian nation will eternally honour Adem Demaçi.