President Osmani expresses her condolences for the passing away of singer Ismet Bogujevci

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani has expressed condolences for the passing away of the doyen of the Albanian folk song, Ismet Bogujevci.

"Today we lost the unique voice of our folk song. Ismet Bogujevci is the artist of the song that dedicated a whole life to the stage music. " Together with the " Shota " Ensemble, he affirmed our musical tradition and culture, and he rightfully bears the title of doyen" pointed out President Osmani.

According to her, the new generations will inherit a considerably large volume of genuine Albanian music performed by Ismet Bogujevci.


In this interpretative opus of Ismet Bogujevci, the masterful interpretation of the song "Kur ma falë një tufë gërshetë", performed in a duet with the Nightingale of the Albanian song, Nexhmie Pagarusha, will remain for eternity in our memory. Music was life to him, and his death will leave a great void in the music scene of Kosovo. "May the voice of Ismet Bogujevci be always heard”, says President Osmani’s message.