President Jahjaga recived the Chief Prosecutor of Albania, Ina Rama

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga received today the chief prosecutor of Albania, Mrs. Ina Rama.

President Jahjaga praised Mrs. Rama for the work she is doing at the head of Albania’s state prosecution, and her commitment in the fight against organized crime, corruption and other violations of law.

She said that Kosovo and Albania need to share experiences with each other in the field of justice and that they have what to learn from each other.

Madam Jahjaga said she gives full support to all the reforms in the judiciary and prosecution, to achieve higher standards in staffing policy, in order that people who enjoy the respect of the environment where they work be appointed prosecutors and judges, who have integrity and who are proven for determination and professional and human courage.

The nature of transboundary crimes is not only the challenge of Albania and Kosovo, but is a challenge across the region, said President Jahjaga. Considering this, she said, the membership of Kosovo in regional and international security mechanisms is important.

The chief prosecutor of Albania, Mrs. Ina Rama said that the effort to combat corruption and organized crime requires cooperation and Kosovo and Albania have already cooperation at chief prosecutions level, which should be strengthened further.