President Jahjaga received a delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received today a delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina, composed of parliamentarians, analysts, artists, representatives of civil society and media.

During the meeting, President Jahjaga has emphasized that the future of Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, two countries which have had a severe and painful history, is the integration in the structures of NATO and the EU. She said that the Euro-Atlantic integration is the aim of all countries of the region and they should help each other in this way.

President Jahjaga stressed that Kosovo has become a factor of peace and stability and is building good relations with all countries of the region and stressed that Bosnia and Herzegovina should allow free circulation of people and goods from Kosovo.

She said that Kosovo is a country built on the principle of citizenship, which respects the rights and freedoms of all communities and praised the commitment and involvement of the Bosnian community in the institutional life of the country. President Jahjaga said that in the process of decentralization, from which have benefited other communities in Kosovo, soon a municipality can be created where the Bosnian community constitutes the majority.