President Behgjet Pacolli meets the Deputy Prime Minister of Macedonia Vasko Naumovski

During his official visit to the Republic of Macedonia, the President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli also held a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Vasko Naumovski.

At the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister Naumovski expressed his pleasure of staging a reception for the President of the youngest country in the region and said he had the honour of being a host to the President of the Republic of Kosovo.

“I want to express my consideration for the meeting between President Pacolli and President Ivanov and the Speaker of the Parliament and for his participation in the Business Community Summit. We consider that we should jointly move towards our joint integration into the European Union and the NATO” – the Deputy Prime Minister of Macedonia Mr. Vasko Naumovski affirmed.

On the other hand, President Behgjet Pacolli said: “I am pleased with my visit to the Republic of Macedonia, as I had constructive meetings with the President of Macedonia and the President of the Assembly and we reaffirmed our friendly relations and strategic partnership between our countries and discussed our plans in the fields of politics and economy”.

President Pacolli congratulated the Deputy Prime Minister Naumovski on the headway made in terms of Euro-Atlantic integration.

He also committed and urged the Government of Macedonia to make sure that both countries contribute to the joint economic integration and a social welfare policy in both neighbouring countries.

President Pacolli also pledged to foster a new social perception in the two countries, where political, ethnic and religious divisions would belong to the past.

Referring to economic cooperation and the need to provide for growth in both countries, President Pacolli proposed: “Let us invest the little money that we have and the little time that we have left earnestly, for the best of the people of our countries”.