KFOR troops reduction depending on the boost of country’s capacities to provide security

The reduction of KFOR troops will depend on the security situation in the Republic of Kosovo and its capacities to provide security country in the country. This statement emerged from a meeting that the Republic of Kosovo’s President Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu had today with the new COMKFOR, the German General Markus Bentler.

“We discussed the overall political processes that our country is going through and the maintenance of the current sustainable situation in terms of security. In terms of NATO’s general policies, we discussed the gradual reduction of KFOR, with a special emphasis on the stability in our country and the boost of Kosovo capacities to provide security” – President Sejdiu stated.

President Sejdiu wished the new International Kosovo Force Commander success in his engagements in the country and assured him of cooperation of Republic of Kosovo’s institutions and people, emphasizing that it is an advantage that General Bentler is closely familiar with the situation in our country, were he has also served before.

“He is familiar with the situation in Kosovo and has served here before. We are lucky to have among us people who have been deployed before and who are familiar with the previous developments and processes in our country” – President Sejdiu stated, adding that today’s discussion focused on “ways to further the current spirit of close cooperation between all Kosovo’s institutions and people and KFOR. He said that an acknowledgment and a special gratitude were well-earned by KFOR for its engagements so far and for the support that it is providing to the constitution of the new Kosovo Security Force.

Having thanked the President for his invitation, COMKFOR General Markus Bentler highlighted that “KFOR is here and will be here to ensure a safe and secure environment for Kosovo”.

“Our commitment, the international commitment to this development is unwavering and, having said that, one has to see the wonderful development and progress that has been made in the past and in the recent years. And I would like to continue with that past” – General Bentler affirmed.

“Challenges lie ahead of us. They are very important challenges. But, we work closely with the institutions in Kosovo and the international civilian presences towards a goal for a better future. That means being present, being there supporting the institutions, supporting the international civilian presences, supporting the stand up of the Kosovo Security Force, that has done a great deal of work already and that has made a great progress in the recent year. We will do that while we gradually decrease our number of forces, but once again I would like to highlight that we can do our job with less forces, because you, the people here, have done a great job in getting where you are and that, I think, is the major achievement we would like to express” – the new COMKFOR, General Markus Bentler, said.


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