Jahjaga: Escape from Kosovo is not the solution

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga visited today the municipality of Vushtrri, which is one of the most affected municipalities by illegal migration of the recent weeks.

President Jahjaga met with the Mayor of Vushtrri, Mr. Bajram Mulaku, who informed the President about the situation in the municipality, with special emphasis on the trend of the departure of the inhabitants of the municipality and their illegal migration.
After the meeting with the Mayor of the municipality, President Jahjaga met and talked with many citizens of the municipality of Vushtrri. In sincere conversation with them, President Jahjaga was informed with their problems and requested from them not to leave the country, because escape from Kosovo is not the solution.

Below is the statement of President Jahjaga during the visit to Vushtrri:

“I came today to the municipality of Vushtrri, to talk to each citizen and to listen to all their worries and concerns. I am extremely concerned about the departure of our citizens. We are aware that Kosovo is not the country which we have desired to have today, 15 years after the war.

But the solution is not in the departure of our citizens, because we do not have citizens to run away. We know best what it is to leave the country, to flee from your country.

We know that the process of state building is not an easy process, it is a huge burden of all the institutions and our citizens. But, it is our generation, which has the greatest burden. Next week Kosovo fills seven years of its independence, of the process of the state building of our country. We have to do this jointly, the institutions and the citizens of our country.

In the meetings with all the citizens here in Vushtrri, I requested to appeal to their families, to their beloved ones, to all their relatives, that the solution is not in escaping. They must not flee Kosovo, because they are citizens of Kosovo and we jointly need to concentrate on the construction and the advancement of our state”.

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