Germany reaffirms its strong support to Kosovo

The President of Republic of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu had a meeting today with the German Minister of Defense Mr. Karl-Theodor, to whom he expressed the gratitude of the people and institutions of Kosovo to the German state for having provided a strong support to our country in the course of a long process for decades now.

President Sejdiu also acknowledged the current commitment of Germany to supporting Kosovo as a sovereign and independent state in developing democracy and in fostering an economic growth and a further development and advancement of our major institutions, such as the Kosovo Security Force, within the framework of KFOR and NATO joint policies, as well as in the important process of integration, which is a permanent and incontestable objective of ours” President Sejdiu said.
He also expressed his high consideration for the contribution that the KFOR German contingent has provided in Kosovo.
 “It was a good opportunity for me to thank Germany through Minister Guttenberg and to express my highest consideration for the German KFOR, who was and remains excellent because of the special role that it has and will play in other processes that lie ahead of us. We do share a mutual respect and appreciate the vast and permanent investment that Germany has made in Kosovo”, President Sejdiu added.
On the other hand, Minister Guttenberg reaffirmed the strong support that Germany will provide to Kosovo in the future.
“Our two countries maintain very good relations and I believe this will be the case in the future. Germany will continue to support Kosovo in the future, so that we can solve issues together and speak of success stories”, Minister Guttenberg.
In this context, he said that KFOR downsizing must be done based on the achievements and that the role of the Kosovo Security Force is also related to the completion of talks and provision of stability in the country”, Minister Guttenberg said.
Inter alia, he said that the European Union has the will for a clear prospect for the countries of the region, but that, of course, there were requirements to meet and homework that the Balkan countries should do on their road to the EU.
“We noticed, here as well, an extraordinary will to carry out these tasks in a very proper way and pace”, Guttenberg said

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