Christopher W. Dell: US support for Kosovo’s independence will be unwavering

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, received today the new United States Ambassador to the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Christopher W. Dell, who brought his credential letters.

In the credential letters reception ceremony, President Sejdiu expressed his pleasure of meeting Ambassador Dell and his considerations and appreciation for the United States of America and its constant support to Kosovo.

“It is a pleasure for us to have today a ceremonial occasion in receiving the credential letters from the new United States Ambassador, M. Christopher W. Dell, which will be a mission furthering the United states policy of strong support to Kosovo” – President Sejdiu emphasized.

President Sejdiu also said that he will maintain a very close cooperation with Ambassador Dell, whom he held a connoisseur of issues and evolutions in Kosovo.

Ambassador Dell is the second United States Ambassador to the Republic of Kosovo. He was in our country before as well and has successfully led a US Mission in Kosovo.

“Mr. President, first, I’d like to say what an honor has been to be able to present my credentials to you today as well as to be appointed by President Obama to be the second American ambassador to the Republic of Kosovo. As you know, and as you mentioned, this is the second time that I’ve been asked to lead the US Diplomatic Office in Kosovo. Many Kosovars have already welcomed me home and I am really delighted to say that after eight years I do feel like I’m coming home again” – the new United States Ambassador, Mr. Christopher W. Dell said on the other hand.

“Of course, much has changed in that time. As I look around, I see signs of progress everywhere, including, I must say, this office” – Ambassador Dell added.

“The beginning of any new diplomatic mission is a time filled with optimism and hope and I must say that, in this particular case, seeing the great progress that’s been made here, I feel especially optimistic about our work together and about the future of Kosovo. I’m sure that the citizens and the government of the Republic of Kosovo have the energy and the imagination to continue with that progress and I want to assure you, Mr. President, in the name of the United States, that you can continue to count on us as your firm partner in this endeavor” – Mr.Dell added.

“America’s policy towards Kosovo is really simple and clear. First, the independence of Kosovo is irreversible and the US support for Kosovo’s independence will be unwavering. Second, we remain committed to our joint projects of building a democratic, law-abiding, multiethnic, tolerant and prosperous country that will become a full member of the transatlantic and European families” – Ambassador Dell affirmed.

“I see five major tasks in which we need to work together: to continue building the institutions of your government and society; to ensure that Kosovo can remain the home of all its diverse peoples and that they all join in the process of building that better future; that we create the solid economic foundations to build prosperity for all the people of this country; that we work together to build the rule of law in Kosovo, without which no democracy can survive; and, finally, to work together, with our European partners, towards Kosovo’s European future. This is goals, Mr. President, and none of them will be easy, but I’ve been told to come here, to roll up my sleeves, to get to work and to help you achieve all this things and I’m sure that together we can.”

“I’m confident, as we do so, that we’ll build not only on the strongly historically ties between Kosovo and the United States, but, more than that, we’ll build on the common principles that unite our two peoples. In its 230 years, the Unites States has seen triumph and failure, progress and setbacks, but never, never in a time, have we wavered on our belief that if we hold true to the founding principles of our country, we will continue to build a better future. And it seems to me, Mr. President, that this is fundamentally what unites our two peoples – the faith in a better future. Just last November, the election of President Obama, demonstrated, I think, that that process goes on in the United States, just as I know because I’m here in Kosovo today. So, with that, I would like to say thank you again. Thank you for welcoming me home and I look forward to three great years of working with you” – the new United States Ambassador to the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Christopher W. Dell said in conclusion to his speech.

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