Ambassador Ischinger acknowledges the progress made in Kosovo

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, together with Prime Minister Thaçi, Deputy Prime Minister Kuçi and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hyseni, received today the Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger.

“We thanked Ambassador Ischinger for his principled, consequent and very prudent engagement in supporting the process of creating a democratic and prosperous Kosovo that belongs to all its citizens”, President Sejdiu said following a meeting today with Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger.

At a press conference held after the meeting, President Sejdiu considered Ambassador Ischinger one of those distinguished personalities that have contributed to the negations on Kosovo’s political status, in his capacity as a member of the international troika, during its 120-day mandate.

Further on, President Sejdiu said that, in the course of the first year of its being a sovereign state, Kosovo has revealed itself in the best way possible by important recognitions that it has received and by an unwavering commitment to move forward towards integration in Euro-Atlantic community i.e. EU and NATO.

“We are committed to maintaining good relations with our neighbours, with the countries in the region, and to developing joint European integration policies, so as to complete our joint journey more quickly, though multiple objective obstacles lie ahead of us” – President Sejdiu affirmed.

On the other hand, having expressed his satisfaction for being in our country, Ambassador Ischinger acknowledged the significant progress made in Pristina and all around Kosovo as of last year.

“I congratulate Kosovo leaders on the work that they have done in the first year following the adoption of the Constitution of Republic of Kosovo” – Ambassador Ischinger said.

He also congratulated Kosovo institutions on fulfilling their commitment to implement recommendations deriving from Marti Ahtisaari’s Proposal.

Asked about NATO Ambassadors’ decision to reduce the number of military troops in Kosovo, Ambassador Ischinger said that this is a sign for stability in Kosovo and that for all its citizens.

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