Address at the KSF recruit certification ceremony

Honorable Prime Minister of the Republic, Mr. Kurti
Honorable Minister of Defense, Mr. Mehaj
Honorable KSF Commander, Lieutenant-General Jashari
Honorable Brigadier-General Irfete Spahiu
Honorable recruits, soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers of the Force of the Republic of Kosovo!
Dear family members of the recruits, congratulations on this extraordinary success of your family members!
Distinguished guests;

Two months ago at this very spot, we certified 180 new recruits who increased the capacities of our army. Today we are again at this very spot to certify another 190 recruits, with whom the KSF concludes an extremely successful year of commitment and strength building, always in line with professional standards and in line with the practices of modern armies.

Each day of the certification of new recruits is special for the army and our state because, in addition to increasing capacity, the KSF is moving with confident steps towards the completion of the transition process.

With this investment, we are creating the opportunity for a secure future with our recruits, who are motivated, professional and with integrity will remain loyal to their homeland and will be ready to serve Kosovo whenever possible.

This contingent of recruits, as well as the previous ones, are our soldiers, the soldiers of the Republic of Kosovo, who are outgoing to the homeland.

We are proud that our Force is growing every day, as it has become a contributor to peace, but also a serious partner of the US military, but also other partners in NATO, part of which we aim for a future of shining of our Force.

This year's mission of our soldiers in Kuwait is not only successful but also an international confirmation of the KSF professionalism.

In the capacity of the Supreme Commander of this army, I wish that in the coming year our soldiers, along with the allied forces, will serve again in other international missions where they will raise high the KSF, our state and the flag of our Republic.

This is a natural development, because these soldiers whom we are promoting today, are the result of the commitment of many generations, the civil resistance, the armed struggle of the Kosovo Liberation Army, and the period after the independence of the country.

These soldiers are built on our age-old vision, our Euro-Atlantic orientation, being structured into a modern army, professionally and tactically capable.

Dear recruits and soldiers,

You should be proud that from today onwards you move on to another level of your responsibilities and we are all extremely proud of you.
It is known that being part of the KSF is not an easy challenge, but it is the greatest honor for every citizen of the Republic of Kosovo. The moment you wear this sacred uniform, you know that in parallel you are getting ready to wear the NATO uniform tomorrow, which should be an additional motive in your training and professionalism.

Congratulations on your willingness but also on the great sacrifice, as I also congratulate your instructors who worked with you for a long time.

With this generation of soldiers, the KSF is not only increasing its capacity but also building the future of the Armed Forces of our Republic. Many of you may be in leadership positions in the military tomorrow, an additional incentive for further work with the conviction that this is only the first test of your professional commitment, which will be followed by additional responsibility, but also with a sense of pride for service to the homeland.

With girls and boys like you, we are building a more secure future. Your families should be proud, as you should be thankful to your families for the support so far, but the support for the future.

Since we are at the end of this calendar year, allow me to wish to you, to all your family members, as well as all members of the KSF a Happy New Year, the end of the year holidays, wishing that 2022 be the year of health, prosperity and success for our army!

I am convinced and have full confidence that you will be committed with dedication and responsibility to fulfilling your mission!

God bless the Kosovo Security Force!
God bless our Republic!

Thank you!

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