Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Jakup Krasniqi’s speech held at the reception for the Diplomatic Choir in Kosovo

The Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Jakup Krasniqi staged the traditional reception for the Diplomatic Choir accredited in our country.

He held a keynote speech, the contents of which we are providing below:

Honourable ambassadors,

Honourable diplomatic representatives,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It a pleasure for me to stage a reception at the beginning of a new year and to wish you a fortuitous and successful year, health and carrier achievements in this small country, but with a great and amicable spirit.

Through you, I want to convey my regards to the countries which you represent, wishing that relations between them and the young Republic of Kosovo will deepen.

2010 brought an array of achievements to Kosovo, which, combined with the ones made in previous years, constitute a good foundation for its safe future.

The International Court of Justice sealed Kosovo’s legitimate right to be an independent and sovereign state internationally.

Kosovo resumed its institutional reforms, saw a solid economic and social development and created an entire legal and physical infrastructure. The progress that Kosovo has made is a result of efforts made by its people and democratic institutions and many friends that have maintained their unreserved support for us.

Elections commenced in December last year are approaching a successful closure, and identified irregularities are being corrected, by earning thus back the trust of political parties, voters and scores of observers.

We expect that soon, based on the certified results of general elections, we will establish our representative and executive institutions and instate our democratic system.

Kosovo and its new democratic institutions will face many and arduous challenges during 2011 as well. Being a young state with only three years of being independent, Kosovo is facing in fact difficulties in terms of its growth and development. Pains that Kosovo has and is enduring are pains of its birth, of its freedom, of the birth of a state, of the birth of an independence and of a new democracy. But, Kosovo is also facing many unexpected challenges, such as the famous Dick Marty’s report, whose allegations must be inquired into and explicated by judicial bodies as soon as possible, so that Kosovo’s image in the international arena does not remain their hostage.

Kosovo’s program and strategic priorities are clear to every government or institution, to the civil society and to all the people. They include economic development, rule of law, good governance, wide-ranging democratic reforms, strengthening of the position in the international arena, new recognitions of independence and accession to international organisations, including the UN, as well as meeting the necessary requirements and criteria, in order for our country to make a headway towards visa liberalisation and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Honourable present,

I very much thank you for participating in this modest reception! I wish you will enjoy!

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