1 year as your President. We will continue to travel together at every step

Dear citizens of the Republic of Kosovo!

Today marks one year since I took office as President of the Republic of Kosovo as a result of your historic trust and the shared vision for a better future.

Last year, just as it was special, at the same time it was characterized by many local and global challenges. The pandemic and its effects, the energy crisis, and even the latest security developments in the European continent, have shown us that in challenges of this magnitude, only cooperation, trust and communication enable us to move forward.

Today, Kosovo is an active contributor and a respected member of the international community. As a foreign policy leader, I have worked day after day to ensure that we are represented with dignity and pride in every corner of the globe. In this journey, our main focus has been the fulfillment of our state goals focused on strengthening and advancing good relations with friend countries around the world. And with the same zeal I have been committed for our voice be heard even in countries that have not yet recognized our independence.

As the Supreme Commander of the Kosovo Security Force, I have worked diligently to further strengthen the national interest and security of our Republic. Working closely with our security institutions and our international partners, I have been focused on moving Kosovo forward as a credible partner serving to global peace. We are constantly working towards advancing our path towards Euro-Atlantic integration – which is the clear aspiration of our people for the future. 

I have promised you a responsible and honest leadership, and these have been the guides in my work each and every day.

As you know, the rule of law is my constant commitment in order to root it all over the country. I have worked always in this spirit when I have made a decision, every time I have made an appointment, and this has echoed in every statement and meeting of mine. Because, I am convinced that equality before the law, meritocracy, integrity and professionalism represent the main pillars of the rule of law, of a developed country, and of a consolidated democracy.

In addition to strengthening our international position and strengthening the rule of law, this year I have been committed to raising awareness and working with you on three important issues: empowering the role of women in society, raising awareness and addressing the challenges faced by children with special needs and raising awareness of the threats to our health as a result of environmental destruction.

I always say that Kosovo’s successes do not belong to one individual. Our successes as a state are shared successes. And here, our diaspora has made an extraordinary contribution. As a small but ambitious country, I strongly believe that we can achieve even more than we have achieved so far. Therefore, I look forward to working with you towards achieving new successes.

It is our joint obligation to work for our country and to make sure to capitalize the potential of our youth, our athletes, our artists, our girls and boys who are proving every day more than the ambitions of a country know no boundaries.

As we reflect on what we have left behind, our vision is always ahead.

For the next four years I will continue to work: to lead our foreign policy and to prove to the world that Kosovo is more than just daily political dynamics, but is a peace-loving country with a dynamic democracy; to guarantee the security of every citizen in Kosovo and the constitutional functioning of the institutions; to promote Kosovo as a willing and appropriate place for foreign investment, with diversity in economic potential; to guarantee and promote an equal society where discrimination is not tolerated; to promote meritocracy and integrity; to show young people that the future is here;

Because this is the Kosovo of the future.

Because this is the Kosovo of all its citizens without distinction.

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