The Working Group on Gender Equality held a workshop today with a focus on identifying the necessary legal changes in conformity with the Law on Gender Equality

The Working Group on Gender Equality, established within the Council for Democracy and Human Rights, held today a one-day workshop in which an analysis was presented on the harmonization of relevant laws with the Law on Gender Equality, aiming the empowering women and their activation in public life.

Group members had the opportunity to be informed and comment on the content of this analysis, which will serve as a basis for work in the coming months. Necessary legal changes were identified in various sectors of women’s participation in public life, including politics, health and education. Furthermore, after the finalization of this analysis, the Working Group will propose concrete steps and cooperate with the responsible institutions.

The Group on Gender Equality operates within the Office of the President of the Republic of Kosovo and guarantees inter-institutional coordination and comprehensive representation with the aim of the smooth running of this important process for the advancement of gender equality in institutions, economic sectors and important public and political processes.

This workshop was supported by the Gender Equality Agency/Prime Minister’s Office.

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