The speech of the President of Kosova, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, at the Assembly of Kosova

All proposals for possible rectifications do not intend to and will not question the package as a whole.

Last Friday’s presentation of Ahtisaari’s package, which he called “The Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement”, starts the final and hopefully short phase for the resolution of Kosova’s status. After a careful reading of the package by the Unity Team and on individual basis, we can conclude with a great certainty that Ahtisaari’s package leads Kosova to independence and sovereignty.

During the 15 rounds of talks in Vienna and many contacts and consultations in the meanwhile, the Kosovo teams and delegations have done an enormous and demanding work with the intention to shape up this important document which defines the future of our country.
The package is acceptable in its entirety to the Unity Team, and I am convinced that it is also acceptable to the people of Kosova. During these days, the Unity Team, together with the Political Strategic Group and other expert teams, have been analyzing the document thoroughly in order to see where it could be rectified. All proposals for possible rectifications do not intend to and will not question the package as a whole. We are absolutely ready to continue our close cooperation with President Ahtisaari and his team. For this reason, the Unity Team has confirmed Kosova’s participation in further consultations in Vienna, following Ahtisaari’s request. In these consultations, we will discuss with the drafters certain aspects of the package in order to further improve this document which shall make Kosovo a functional state. Nevertheless, our remarks will in no way aim to reopen or renegotiate the package as a whole.

Honorable deputies,
Ladies and Gentlemen:

The document that we have in front of us is a pre-final version and not an initial document. For this reason, we are convinced that it should not be reopened for further negotiations, but only rectified in specific segments, so long as it is possible.
As stated in a statement issued immediately after receiving the package on February 2nd, the Unity Team is convinced that the international process for resolving Kosova’s status, led by President Ahtisaari, will be concluded very soon resulting in an independent state of Kosova with all the necessary guarantees for the communities of Kosova, including the Serb community.

Kosova as a state within its current borders, with functional governance, free market economy, pluralist democracy, rights and guarantees for all the citizens and communities in Kosova, is the only sustainable solution to the status of Kosova. Therefore, we are convinced that President Ahtisaari, in his final report that will be presented to the UN Secretary General, respectively the Security Council, will give a clear recommendation for the independence of our country. The Proposal must be explicit and leave no political or legal dilemma concerning the future of Kosova.

Honorable deputies,
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Kosova and its people are undergoing the last and most critical moments of building their own future. We and the people of Kosova base our optimism for a bright and prosperous future in our strong commitment to stability and peace with all our neighbors and our determination to a speedy integration into the European Union and NATO. It is also the strong commitment of the people of Kosova to continue to foster special relations and friendship with the United States of America.
The people of Kosova are convinced that the time of war has ended for good in this part of Europe and they see the solutions to all problems only through peaceful means, never through violence. We are certain that violence is now strange to the peace-loving people of Kosova and is behind us.

In order to conclude the final stage as soon as possible we will continue to work altogether and in full cooperation with Kosova’s main friends and partners in the international community. No one should have any doubt that, with all the natural and human resources it has, Kosova will be able to build up a  sustainable state which will also contribute to the stability in the region and wider.
Kosova is about to step into the family of free and democratic nations. The endorsement of the status of Kosova as an independent state will remove the final barriers that hinder a speedier economic revival and growth in our country.

Honorable deputies,
Ladies and Gentlemen:

The people of Kosova have every reason to look towards their future with optimism, because apart from Ahtisaari’s proposal, a guarantee for this is also their strong commitment and determination to be free and independent, a part of the democratic world. Kosova and its people have proved this during history, particularly over the past two decades.
Today’s discussion of this important document before the Assembly of Kosova is a very valuable contribution for the final fulfillment of our common vision for an independent and sovereign Kosova. 

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