The speech of President Jahjaga delivered to the members of the Kosovo Special Police Unit

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga, accompanied by Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, visited the camp of the Kosovo Special Police Unit, near the International Airport “Adem Jashari” in Prishtina.

On this occasion, President Jahjaga delivered a speech, which is brought below:

 Dear members of the Police of the Republic of Kosovo

We came here today to visit you together with the Prime Minister of Kosovo, to express our support for your work in service of the country, in defense of law and order, to preserve the territorial integrity of Kosovo, sovereignty and its subjectivity, and in commitment for the benefit of all citizens of our country.

Your work, now, at the time of state-building and the functioning of democratic institutions is of great importance especially since we have an slight kind of international supervision and since we still don’t have the Armed Forces of Kosovo and because we still aren’t a member country of NATO and part of an international system of collective security. You know that, in the reforms of modern countries, the maintenance and supervision of the border is the exclusive work of the Police and together with the customs and other relevant structures we as a country make the integrated border management which is a precondition of clearly defining our road in the process of European integration.

Dear members of the Kosovo Police,
These days you were the honor of the whole country. You raised the respect of all citizens of Kosovo with the action that you conducted on the decision of the Government of Kosovo to control the border between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia respectively, taking full control of the customs border points 1 and 31. You completed this duty with success and made possible that for the first time in twelve years of freedom of Kosovo, we as a country to control the whole territory and to implement the jurisdictions of the country in all parts of our country.

During this action on duty fell a policeman, colleague of yours, whom I, President of the country, announced Hero of Kosovo, for his act of sacrifice and heroism. We will make a denunciation in the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and the criminals will get the deserved punishment for this offense.

The Republic of Kosovo is more determined than ever and for this it has the support of the international friends, that in all of its territory to enforce law and order and to fight organized crime and to stop smuggling once and for all. This is also a prerequisite for the process of integration in the European Union and this is for the benefit of all the citizens and to the benefit of the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia as two democratic countries that adhere to regional peace and stability.

The Police of Kosovo will be modernized in structure, in profiling and with all the tools necessary to enforce law and order and we came with the Prime Minister to express this commitment.

You know that the control of borders is the sovereign right of Kosovo and this right will be implemented determinedly. This issue needs not to be discussed with anyone but there will be only cooperation. In this term, I see the mission of KFOR and EULEX in Kosovo in preserving peace and stability and in the enforcement of law of the Republic of Kosovo, the country in which these missions serve with mandates.

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