The speech of President Jahjaga at the official ceremony held on the occasion of Europe Day

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga today attended the official ceremony to mark Europe Day, organized by the Ministry of European Integration, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Below we give the speech that President Jahjaga held on this occasion:

Honoured citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,

Honoured representatives of the Institutions of Kosovo,

Honoured accredited ambassadors in Kosovo,

Honoured participants,

Today on Europe Day, we must remember two great men, who in the ruins of World War II and in the general disappointment after it, were very visionary, giving the idea of a new Europe, the idea of solidarity and mutual assistance, the idea of joining resources of coal and steel, as the basis for development and progress, not only economic but versatile, a joint world without borders, an ideal of free men. These were Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman, who on 9 May 1950 set the foundations of what we know today as the European Union which counts 27 states, and with the integration of Kosovo and Western Balkans this process will be rounded up to over thirty countries.

The idea was creative, the plan ambitious and the approach pragmatic.

 It was only the first step in realizing the vision of a united continent, as a precondition for peace and prosperity.

This plan went beyond reconciliation and leaving behind the conflicts and wars – to become a platform of cooperation and economic development, democratic consolidation, for the welfare of all citizens.

“Europe will not be created immediately, even according to a single plan – it will be built through concrete achievements which would create a de facto solidarity”, had said Schuman … The European project rose embracing this view, and then the legal system, and that of the human values that were built by leaders and citizens of Europe.

This integration of nations and states, would not happen so successful, were it not based on respect for the will, respect for diversity and compromise for the common good.

Europe continues to be built on these principles, thus deepening and extending them.

The policies of the European Union enlargement proved the success of the “soft power” by helping the political and socio-economic transition of countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The implementation of the Lisbon Treaty and the spirit of the consolidation which was achieved after the historic enlargement of the years 2004-2007 are ongoing challenges of the transforming of the European Union.

The role of the EU in the democratization of the Western Balkan countries is undeniable. The perspective of the membership, along with the numerous instruments of the policy of expansion, have helped reforming these countries according to the model of the member countries of the EU.

For the Republic of the Kosovo, at the Thessaloniki Summit in 2003, the EU perspective was opened, as well as for all Western Balkan countries. This enabled that the state-building to become according to the model of the Member States of the EU, so that all the legal infrastructure, all policies in Kosovo, and the work of  all the institutions to evolve in accordance with the Acquis Communautaire.

All the countries which have passed through the membership process and who today are equal members of the EU know how challenging this way was. And this challenge is even bigger for us, because of the fact that the independence of the Republic of Kosovo is not recognized by 5 EU countries, the European Union can not speak unanimously towards this process.

There are many joint successes of Kosovo and the European Union, and what we want, what all the citizens of Kosovo want, is that these irreversible achievements are part of the integration process to eliminate every possibility of isolation, of stagnation or even suspicion in achieving the ultimate goal of membership of the Republic of Kosovo into the EU.

Our work and efforts will be proportionate to the challenges and opportunities which are offered by the visionary project of the European Union, because our people in time, through the Renaissance dam have declared that for us, the sun rises in the west.

All citizens of Kosovo believe in this ideal, believe in the Euro-Atlantic road, believe in Europe and the eternal friendship with the United States of America.

 Congratulations 9 May, Europe Day, and thank you for being with us.

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