The speech of President Hashim Thaçi at the ceremony of taking the oath before the members of the Assembly of Kosovo

I am honored to have been part of the leadership that took decisions that brought freedom, independence and consolidation of the modern state of Kosovo.

Honored Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Kadri Veseli,
Honored Deputies
Honored Prime-Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Mustafa,
Honored Ministers,
Honored Ambassadors and guests
Honored citizens of the Republic of Kosovo
Poštovani građani Republike Kosovo,

Today is a special moment in my life.

A moment of pride and responsibility.

My life and political carrier reflects developments through which Kosovo went through the last three decades.

I have been involved in all the processes that have brought freedom and independence of Kosovo.

I am honored to have been part of the leadership that took decisions that brought freedom, independence and consolidation of the modern state of Kosovo.

As the Prime-Minister of the country I have worked with all my heart for the good and the benefit of all citizens of Kosovo.

Together we have changed Kosovo.

Now I will be carrying a new duty, with new responsibilities.

Working for a new Kosovo, a democratic, a European and a multi-ethnic Kosovo.

I have hope and trust in our country and in our citizens.

I have trust in the institutions of Kosovo, the Parliament and the Government of our country. I trust that they will continue to build good governance.

On this occasion I would like to also thank President Jahjaga for her contributing during her term, as a unifying political and civil factor of Kosovo.

As President, I will be a guarantor of respecting the Constitution and the Laws of Kosovo, and a protector and a promotor of the interests of Kosovo.

I will be a unifying factor, of politics and citizens, a representative of all citizen of our sovereign country, citizens of all ethnicities, religious backgrounds, of any race and sex.

I will continue to promote the sublime values of the Declaration of Independence and of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo.

The goal and the vision of the citizens of Kosovo is integration in the European Union, in NATO and a continuous friendship with the United States of America.

I will further cultivate human rights and freedoms, reforms in the judiciary, in education, in healthcare and economic development and efforts to bring foreign investors in Kosovo.

Citizens of Kosovo deserve a life on peace, with jobs and social welfare of the Europiean standards.

Dear citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,

The state of Kosovo is now recognized by 111 countries of the world.

It is a member of many regional and international organizations.

In the coming days, we look forward to a positive recommendation for the Visa liberalization so that citizens of Kosovo, like all Europeans, can move freely in the continent.

We will conclude the process of the formalization of establishing of the Armed Forces of Kosovo, as a multi-ethnic force of Euro-Atlantic standards. This will be done in full accordance with the constitution and laws.

The state of Kosovo is being affirmed with each passing day.

This year, for the first time, Kosovo will participate in the Olympic Games.

And we will continue to work for membership in UEFA and FIFA.

Dear citizens

Today, Kosovo is factor of peace and stability in the region.

Kosovo is developing good neighborly relations with all the countries of the region.

The state of Kosovo is committed to continue the dialogue for normalization of relations with Serbia.

Both countries and both nations have a bitter history with each other.

We cannot change the past but we are committed not to repeat it. To build a future based on our best traditional values and the Euro-Atlantic values.

Both states must continue working to become members of the EU, as soon as possible, by assisting each other and not by being an obstacle to each other.

The dialogue has no alternative. Now we must give it a new decision-making and implementing dynamism and energy.

As President of the country, I will work towards the widest political and civic consensus for the dialogue.

Kosovo will work actively to become member of the regional, European and global initiatives.

Kosovo will work closely with its international partners to become member of the United Nations.

Kosovo is an active member of the Global Antiterrorist block. We will be un-compromising in the fight against fundamentalism and against any extremist elements, when-ever and wherever they appear.

Dear citizens of Kosovo,

I am aware that being President of Kosovo is an honor but also the biggest responsibility; political, national and constitutional one.

I pledge that I will carry out my duties in close and constant cooperation and communication with you.

We are proud of our heroic past.

Many generations have sacrificed so that we can be here where we are today.

Today, from this place, once more we express our deepest consideration for all those who sacrificed themselves for the freedom and independence of Kosovo.

I express my gratitude for the contribution of President Ibrahim Rugova and for the sacrifice of the legendary commander Adem Jashari.

Dear deputies,

In carrying my duties, I will respect the Constitution and the Laws of Kosovo, best traditions of our citizens and Euro-Atlantic criteria and values.

My starting point will always be my offer for a political dialogue, the dialogue between political parties, for communication with the civil society, with media, with business and free initiatives.

As the head of the state, I will guard, cultivate and represent the unity of the people of the Republic of Kosovo.

Thank you!
Ju faleminderit!
Hvala vam!

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