The President: The fate of Kosovo is linked to the fate of those missing due to violence

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Vjosa Osmani, together with the Speaker of the Assembly Glauk Konjufca and Prime Minister Albin Kurti, today paid their tribute at the Missing Persons Memorial.

President Osmani said that today the whole of the Republic of Kosovo, every one of its citizens, sympathizes with the families of over 1,600 people who went missing due to violence during the last war in Kosovo.

“Today, we reiterate that the fate of all of Kosovo is directly related to the fate of over 1,600 family members and our loved ones. Today, we also reiterate that freedom in Kosovo will only make sense on the very day when all our people return, on the day when there will be justice for each one of them, and on the day when the open wound of all these families, a common wound of us all, of the whole of Kosovo, may start to close, or at least to heal as the fate of all those missing people will be brought to light,” said President Osmani. ”
The head of state,  in front of all present family members, said that this will never be solely their burden.
“It is not an individual burden, it is not just a burden carried by families, it is a burden of ours, together. Because, they are our people, they are our boys and girls. They belong to everyone, they belong to the whole of Kosovo. Therefore, we share this burden jointly, we have a joint open wound, we have the pain in common, ” said the President.
The President of the Republic of Kosovo dr. Vjosa Osmani added further that the voice of the relatives of the missing will be heard anywhere and that the primary, basic request, will be to clarify the fate of your loved ones and ours.
“Today we remember them together, in order to remind ourselves, the whole region and all our allies that for Kosovo there is nothing more important than clarifying the fate of those who dare missing due to violence,” said  President Osmani. 

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