The President: The diaspora supported the liberation, the independence and the well-being of the Albanians

Tirana, November 18 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, upon the invitation of the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, has participated today at the Diaspora Summit, which was organized at the Palace of Brigades in Tirana.

In front of many representatives of the diaspora, President Thaçi said that since the Renaissance, the Albanian diaspora has been one of the main pillars of our nation’s efforts for freedom, independence and state-building.

“The one century efforts of the Albanian people for the freedom of Kosovo were always supported by the diaspora, be it through political lobbying at worldwide decision-making centers, and also with financial, logistical and human support that culminated in the support of the fair war of the Kosovo Liberation Army”, he added.

At this summit, the President has remembered Jusuf Gervalla and Kadri Zeka, Enver Hadri, Agim Ramadani and hundreds of martyrs who have fallen in the efforts for liberation.

Further he has noted that nowadays, the role of the diaspora has changed. According to him, from supporter of the struggle for freedom and democracy, the diaspora has turned into a source of socio-economic stability.

“We must all work that the Albanian diaspora, with the major potential it has, to be transformed into a partner of socio-economic, educational, professional cultural and sportive development of our country”, he said.

The President has emphasized that our boys and girls, our women and men in the diaspora today are successful in all areas of life, ranging from art, culture, music, sports and up to the academic and professional life, politics and business. 

“And being honest and hardworking people, they are the best ambassadors of their nation and homeland. Today, the Albanian diaspora has more need than ever for a reorganization, whereas our countries need to create the best possible infrastructure and to be a permanent partner of our compatriots”, he added.

The President has said that as two countries we are obliged to contribute to the preservation of the national identity of our diaspora and to extend them the warm hand of our countries.

According to him, there is a need for the diaspora to be even more involved in the institutional life of the country.

“Therefore, in this spirit, in the context of the work on the electoral reform, we will also address the possibility of amending the Constitution of Kosovo to define a number of reserved seats for the diaspora”, notified the President.

Thaçi has said that under the excellent collaboration model of organizing meetings between the two governments, the next summit of the diaspora will be organized in Prishtina.

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