The President: The battle of Koshare, important chapter of the KLA victories

Koshare, April 9, 2017 – The President of the country, Hashim Thaçi, took part today at the commemorative gathering of the battle of Koshare, which was organized within the manifestation “Eagle Days”.

President Thaçi said that eighteen years ago, in Koshare, the implementation of the first phase of the military operation “Arrow” began, thus opening an important chapter of the Kosovo Liberation Army victories.

To come to a well-studied operation, President Thaçi said the Kosovo Liberation Army had gone through tests and battles throughout an entire year.

President Thaçi said the Kosovo Liberation Army, above all, as authentic armed force, managed to internationalize the issue of Kosovo to the highest level.

“For the first time in history, Kosovo was part of the international diplomatic table at the Rambouillet Conference. From this conference the political base for the commencement of the intervention of the NATO North Atlantic Alliance on Serbian police and military targets was created”, said President Thaçi.

After the commencement of the NATO intervention, the President said that in Kosovo a new situation was created.

The General Headquarters of the KLA declared the General Mobilization, as an act that set in motion the population capable to be engaged in the ranks of the KLA in defense of the homeland. The Belgrade regime used the NATO bombing campaign as an additional pretext to massively expel the Albanian civilian population from their lands. In these circumstances, the Interim Government and the General Headquarters of the KLA, with its elite cadres ordered the preparation of the operation “Arrow”, the first phase of which began here and 18 years ago. Here in Koshare it was demonstrated in the best way that the justice of the cause and the moral strength of a people fighting for its freedom is greater than any invading army”, stated President Thaçi.

The Battle of Koshare increased the tested confidence of the KLA, added President Thaçi, causing that for the first time, by force, the dividing border Kosovo – Albania to be broken and the Serb army at the border to be defeated.

“The Battle of Koshare was a pure military triumph and a clear message for the population expelled from Kosovo, that soon the displaced would return to their homes. Through the area controlled by the KLA the humanitarian aids would be able to enter more easily to the displaced population inside of Kosovo. The border breach was a message that the path for the supply with weaponry for the remote areas inside of Kosovo was possible even at that time’, said President Thaçi.

The President stressed that the operation “Arrow”, within the well-studied plan had also the mission of coordinating with NATO experts to specify the location of the Serb forces in the territory of Kosovo.

“Operation ‘Arrow’ showed that the Kosovo Liberation Army was mature to undertake even frontal war operations with Serbian forces”, added President Thaçi.

For the war in the Koshare and Pashtrik, the President said that besides having the greatness of the idea and the project, they also have the dimension of sacrifice.

“Today and forever we will remember with deep respect and reverence the commanders and their soldiers, Agim Ramadani, Sali Çeku, Xhemajl Fetahu and hundreds of martyrs who fell for the freedom of Kosovo”, said President Thaçi.

The Head of State stressed that thanks to the sacrifice of the best boys and girls of our country, of the men and women, of the martyrs and the whole civil resistance, Kosovo today is a free, sovereign and democratic country.

“There is no slander, nor any hostile attitude from anti Albanian circles, that will be able to stain the fair war and the sublime sacrifice of the freedom fighters. The institutions of Kosovo will be guardian of the values upon which their foundation is set up. Caring for the families of the martyrs, for the invalids, the veterans will always be institutional”, stated President Thaçi.

On this basis, the President said that Kosovo has a clear Euro-Atlantic path and vision, as a society which aims to join the European Union, NATO and the UN.

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