The President: On February 17th 2008, our destiny as an independent and sovereign state was determined once and for all

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani – Sadriu, accompanied by the Speaker of the Assembly Glauk Konjufca and Prime Minister Albin Kurti, have commenced with the activities marking the 14th anniversary of Kosovo's independence with the solemn raising of the flag of the Republic of Kosovo.

President Osmani congratulated all the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo on the 14th anniversary of our state, the 14th anniversary of the most culminating achievement that the people of Kosovo have had in its history, namely the independent, sovereign and the democratic state of Kosovo.

“Of course, today just like every day of our work and effort, I want to use the day to thank and honour all those who have given everything so that today we can enjoy the State we have, starting by the visionary and architect of the independence of the Republic of Kosovo, President Rugova, who knew how to clarify the will of the people of Kosovo to the world and create friendships that we still enjoy today and continuing with over 3 thousand martyrs who sacrificed their lives in order that today we can live freely, led by the legendary commander Adem Jashari and the Jashari family,” said President Osmani.

Madam President further emphasized that the sacrifice for our state has been extremely great.

“Of course, the sacrifice for our state has been extremely great, over 13 thousand civilians of which over 1133 children, around 20 thousand survivors of sexual violence during the war, over 130 thousand destroyed houses and many cultural monuments, and over 1600 missing are still open wounds of our Republic and our freedom will be complete on the day when there will be justice for all victims and on the day when our last citizen will return to our Republic, to his own country, to their families, ”  added the President.

The head of state said that our state is a mission accomplished and on February 17th 2008, it was determined once and for all.

“On this day, of course, we celebrate the achievements of the Republic of Kosovo because our state is, of course, a mission accomplished and on February 17th 2008, our fate as an independent and sovereign state was determined once and for all, however, the challenges continue.

We must remain united in the face of these challenges because our history has always proved that only when we are unified and united around the goal of making Kosovo a successful state, a state that takes care of its citizens, a state with which all young and old, men and women are proud of, then we can really succeed. I am convinced that so far we have made our friends who have helped us during the period of liberation, the period of independence but also in the process of state-building proud and they are with us today, so I want to use this opportunity to thank them for never leaving us on our own, as our historic president said, a house cannot be kept without friends and the Republic of Kosovo is the greatest proof of this,” said President Osmani.

The Speaker of the Assembly Glauk Konjufca said that today is undoubtedly the most important day of our Republic because it is the day of independence.

“This day embodies and sublimates all the efforts and all the sacrifices of generations for our political freedom, therefore the very fact that we are starting this day by raising the flag of our state is a symbol that shows that our state will stand high and indomitable forever. “Throughout the day we will mark this important day of our state with many activities as this important day deserves, therefore I use the opportunity to congratulate to all the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo the Independence Day”, said Konjufca.

Prime Minister Kurti said that as we celebrate, rejoice and congratulate each other, we cannot forget to remember and commemorate those who worked and fought for the freedom of the people and for the independence of the country.

“Therefore, from the capital of the Republic here in the joint yard of the Presidency, the Assembly and the Government, where we paid homage and raised the state flag, we will continue for the capital of the uprising of our people in Prekaz, the Adem Jashari Complex and then the grave of President Ibrahim Rugova and of activist Adem Demaçi. “All those who worked and fought have left an indelible mark on our present and future, so we are grateful and appreciative to everyone forever,” said Kurti.

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