The President of Kosovo, Dr. Vjosa Osmani received the Under-Secretary of State of Finland, Kai Sauer

The President of Kosovo, Dr. Vjosa Osmani met today with the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Security at the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kai Sauer.

President Osmani thanked Mr. Sauer for his continuous consideration, the consideration of his government and of the Finnish people for the international affirmation of the Republic of Kosovo.

President Osmani acquainted the Finnish diplomat with the role of Kosovo’s new institutions in further promoting Kosovo’s statehood, as well as with the challenges that Kosovo and the entire region are facing, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Regarding the country’s EU integration, President Osmani reiterated Kosovo’s position that Euro-Atlantic integration is our strategic determination and reiterated Kosovo’s readiness to move as soon as possible towards this goal.

“The European Union is our choice, but also our affiliation”, she said. “We treat the conditions set for EU integration first of all as goals that we want to meet for the well-being of our citizens”, she said.

President Osmani also notified the Finnish diplomat with the preparations and approach of the country’s institutions for the dialogue with Serbia. She stressed that it is very important for Serbia to show readiness for the dialogue and to give priority to the issue of the missing by force during the war in Kosovo.

“The dialogue should result in a binding agreement, which ensures the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, and opens the perspective to the region for EU integration”, said Mrs. Osmani.

The Under-Secretary of State, Mr. Kai Sauer, congratulated Mrs. Osmani for being elected President of the state and assured her that the state of Finland will continue, as before, to support the state of Kosovo in the aspiration of its people for EU integration. 

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