The President: Kosovo has always been on the side of justice

Prishtina, September 25, 2020 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, in a statement after the raids and arrests in the WVO – KLA, said that the citizens of Kosovo and the whole world expect that the Specialized Chambers respond properly, professionally and transparently to monstrous allegations, such as the insinuations about “organ trafficking by the KLA” or the “Yellow House”, on whose behalf we were obliged to establish the Specialized Chambers.

He stressed that Kosovo is an example of cooperation with international justice.

The full statement of President Thaçi:

The citizens of Kosovo and the world expect the Specialized Chambers to respond adequately, professionally and transparently to the monstrous allegations, such as allegations of ”human organ trafficking by the KLA”, or the “Yellow house”, in the name of which we were forced to establish Specialized Chambers .

As the history shows us, the Kosovo Liberation Army was a voluntary movement, part of Kosovo’s civil resistance and struggle for freedom and independence and was recognized as such by the international community.

It was also an example of cooperation with the international justice. Starting with UNMIK justice, The Hague Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, EULEX, the local justice and now the 5th level of Kosovo Post-War Justice – the Specialized Chambers. No interviewee or defendant escaped responsibility to answer to competent judicial authorities.

I emphasize that the recent leak of the files from the Specialist Chambers has violated the legitimacy of the court in the eyes of the citizens of Kosovo, has damaged the image of the State of Kosovo and the rights of potential accused. The publication of the files was unacceptable.

KLA veterans are the most sublime value of resistance for freedom and independence. No trap from anyone can position Kosovo on the opposite side of the justice.

As the Articles which established the Specialist Chambers make it clear, the Chambers were created on the basis of mutual cooperation. The special judiciary is obligated to adhere and function within the Constitution of Kosovo and respect the rights of all.

No potential defendant will escape justice. Assessing that there is no reason for expeditions / raid spectacles, the integrity and dignity of every citizen must be respected.

The whole world knows that Kosovo is a victim. The KLA and the people of Kosovo have faced genocide and ethnic cleansing. Kosovo has always been and will remain on the side of truth, justice, cooperation and international law, committed to building a democratic state, rule of law and a multi-ethnic Kosovo, home to all its citizens.

This is the will of the citizens and commitment of the institutions of the State of Kosovo.

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