The President: An empowerment of trade exchanges between Kosovo and Albania is needed

Prishtina, November 15 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, received today the Mayor of the Municipality of Saranda, Florjana Koka, together with the Ambassador of Albania, Qemal Minxhozi, and a group of representatives of various businesses from Albania.

The President thanked Mayor Koka for the cordial and traditional hospitality to the tourists from Kosovo. Thaçi said that the strategic cooperation between the two countries must be more dynamic in other fields as well.

“Albania is our natural strategic partner. I want to see more businesses from Albania in Kosovo and vice versa. We need a new dynamic in trade exchanges”, said the President.

He has encouraged all business representatives to invest in Kosovo in various sectors, thus contributing to economic development, both in Albania and in Kosovo.

On the other hand, the Mayor of Saranda, Florjana Koka, expressed gratitude to the citizens of Kosovo who again this year have spent their holidays on the Albanian coast.

“We want to strengthen the economic exchanges with Kosovo, therefore we have brought business representatives from Saranda, who have brought their own products with them”, she said.

Mayor Koka said that it is also important that from this visit to encourage businesses from Kosovo to invest in Albania.

At the end, the Mayor of Saranda has gifted President Thaçi an olive tree. “This is a noble plant and a plant of peace. You represent the same features”, she said, handing the President the gifted olive plant.

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