The Acting President of Kosovo Dr. Jakup Krasniqi receives the Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Jakup Krasniqi received today the Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ueli Maurer, whom he thanked for the overall support that Switzerland has been providing to Kosovo for a long time now.

During the meeting, Mr. Krasniqi updated the Minister Maurer on the general state of affairs in our country, with a special emphasis on recent political evolutions and preparations institutions of our country are making to organize general parliamentary elections.

Mr. Krasniqi asked from Maurer to make sure that Switzerland – as one of the first countries that have recognized the independence of Kosovo and that has provided financial and military support by the presence of its troops in the KFOR – maintains its support in strengthening the Kosovo Security Force and sees possibilities of deploying its own observers in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Speaking of current excellent relations between the two countries, the Acting President Dr. Jakup Krasniqi said Switzerland is second home to many people from our country, given the fact that a large number of Kosovars live and work there.

“Many of our people who live and work in Switzerland have helped improve the household livelihood in Kosovo. There are many reasons for us to strengthen and build on these relations in the future”, Mr. Krasniqi emphasized.

On the other hand, having thanked Mr. Krasniqi for the reception, the Swiss Minister of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport Ueli Maurer expressed his high consideration for the relations between the two countries as well as his commitment to maintain and build on these relations.

He announced that the Parliament of his country will vote on the extension of the mandate of the Swiss KFOR Troops next year.

Minister Maurer appreciated the overall developments in Kosovo and expressed his belief that institutions of Kosovo will succeed in overcoming challenges ahead.

Commending that role and the contribution of many Kosovars who live, work and have completed their education in Switzerland, he said his country will continue to engage in boosting the partnership with Kosovo so as to prevail over all challenges.

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