Statement of Acting President Glauk Konjufca

Citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,

Our country has gone through a complicated political and social path these last two years. We entered the 2019 elections due to the resignation of the Prime Minister. And in 2020, after lengthy negotiations to form a governing coalition, the partnership did not last even two months. At the head of the country came a Government which was unfortunately declared unconstitutional by our Constitutional Court. And the country went to elections again.

Despite this, our Republic set enviable standards of democracy in terms of honesty and the smooth running of free elections. The European Union, the USA and all the states that helped Kosovo during the process of liberation and then state building, appreciated and praised our electoral process.

The essence of democracy consists in the need to establish institutions on the principle of legality and expression of the will of the citizens in elections. Kosovo passed the first two steps of this process carefully and effectively. Both the VIII Legislature and the new Government of Kosovo were established 9 days after the certification of the election result by the CEC.

But this time, due to the created political circumstances, the constitutional deadlines for the election of the President coincide as never before with the election of the Legislature and the Government. So far only the Parliamentary Group of the VETËVENDOSJE! Movement has presented two candidates nominated in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo for President: Mrs. Vjosa Osmani and Mr. Nasuf Bejta.

Our Constitution in its article 86.2 states that: “The election of the President of the Republic of Kosovo shall take place no later than thirty (30) days before the end of the current President’s term of office”. Since the current term of office of the President is finally consumed on May 5, 2021, I consider that the last date on which the Assembly of the Republic should begin the process of the new President is April 5 of this year.

Today I met with Prime Minister Albin Kurti and the candidate for President of Kosovo, Mrs. Vjosa Osmani. I discussed with them about the importance of completing this third phase of the establishment of our institutions. The inability to elect a new President within the constitutional deadlines leads our country to new elections. No one wants Kosovo to enter new elections, creating constitutional uncertainty and wasting a lot of time. The Republic of Kosovo needs political and institutional stability and democratic governance based on the electoral will of the citizens.

In order to create a necessary atmosphere of trust before entering this process, they promised and guaranteed that everything related to the election law will be part of a future dialogue process between the majority and the opposition and that together we will do it and conclude the electoral reform. So, after the clear will expressed last night by the opposition with their vote in the Assembly of Kosovo, all that remains is to ensure that the majority of the Assembly guarantees not to take any action without consulting the opposition in this regard, and the opposition not to boycott the process of electing the President, in order to avoid the repetition of elections. 

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