Speech of the Preisdent of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, on the occasion of the marking of the Kosovo Police Day

I have the great pleasure to be here today at the manifestation held in honour of the Kosovo Police Day, marking the 15th anniversary of the establishment and working of this professional and dedicated institution, which with its untiring work in service to all the citizens, continues to remain the most trusted institutions in the country.

Honourable Minister Rexhepi, 
Honourable Director Maxhuni,
Honourable family members of the Police men and women fallen in the line of duty 
Honourable Officers and Officals of the Kosovo Police
Honourable EULEX representatives
Honourable Ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic missions accredited to the Republic of Kosovo
Honourable participants,
Ladies and Gentlement;

I have the great pleasure to be here today at the manifestation held in honour of the Kosovo Police Day, marking the 15th anniversary of the establishment and working of this professional and dedicated institution, which with its untiring work in service to all the citizens, continues to remain the most trusted institutions in the country.

On this 15th anniversary, we crown your untiring work, your success and devotion, your dedication to further profesionalize and to contribute to the enlivening of the vision we have for our state, while standing close to our citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and playing an active role in strengthening of the subjectivity of our state.

Kosovo Police, from the time of its establishment to this very day, was praised for the concrete work and engagement in the field, with good organisational structure, which implements the law in most proper manner and is a dignified guarantor of the rule of law and order in the country.

Honourable participants,

Today, when Kosovo, as the rest of the world, is facing threats by terrorist and extremist activities, members of the Kosovo Police have proved their dedication to offering of security to all citizens of the country, and protecting of the ideals and values of our society.

Kosovo Police, in coordination with other institutions of the country, in the actions undertaken in the last few weeks, has shown its professionalism and devotion to the protection of the national security and to not allowing Kosovo to become a safe base for the relevant extremist groups and individuals. Our security institutions have demonstrated that they are able and prepared to act against this isolated and manipulated group, aligned with extremist groups, which consists a threat not only to the society of our state, but also beyond.

Kosovo will never allow for groups as such to grow on its soil, and will never allow that its vales as a society, built for centuries, be shaken and endangered. Institutions of Kosovo will act in prevention of any threat, by building the foundations of a state where law and order prevail and where the freedom of its citizens, ingrained in its constitution, is its greatest value.

It is of an utmost importance that the new legislature of the Parliament of Kosovo, and I believe that members of parliament elected by the vote of the people, will find strength and the courage to quickly overcome the problematic issues of today, approves laws which will prevent extremist and terrorist activities of our citizens wherever they might be around the world.

Honourable Police Officers and Officials,

The institution which you represent- the uniform of which you carry with pride- is the most trusted institution by the citizens of the country, because you are in security service to them, in protection of the order and implementation of the law. You are also every day with the citizens of Kosovo, in any part of the country, and the trust built among you is the strongest bond which in turn makes you believe in the ideals upon which we are building our state.

Kosovo police has been built with highest professional standards, with an all inclusiveness of communities, with highest number of women in its midst, thus becoming the closest and most tangible institution, for all categories of the society.

Establishment of the order and rule of law is fundamental in ensuring of peace, security and viable internal stability inside a society and for the consolidation of democracy. For this reason, law and order are a priority for the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.

The state of law is built with zero tolerance policies on corruption and organised crime and the strength to fight them to eradication. Together with other mechanisms, Kosovo police has an important role in this fight, which we can not afford to lose. The future of our state depends upon our strength to eradicate these phenomena and I strongly believe that we shall be victorious, in order to ensure a better life for our citizens. This is our obligation!

Kosovo cannot become a transit or a destination country for trafficking of any kind of narcotics, despite the challenges which we might face. Kosovo Police and all other mechanisms must increase their endeavours in order to eradicate these phenomena, expanding the fight to every single corner of our country.

The war on this type of trafficking, as well as the human trafficking, is very closely linked to the fighting of corruption and organised crime, particularly the internal corruption. Therefore we need more efficiency, engagement and deciation, more strength and courage to overcome these phenomena. And I believe that Kosovo Police, together with other mechanism will undertake its task with professionalism in eradication of these phenomena.

Institutions of Kosovo and all the citizens of the Republic support you in fulfilment of your mission: guaranteeing of the constitutional order, rule of law and offering of security to each citizen.

Honourable participants,

Republic of Kosovo is a factor of peace and stability in the region and as such pays a particular importance to the security policies, part of the general policies which impact the stability of the country, of the region as well as in collective security. Its membership, with full and equal rights, in all international security institutions, will enable Kosovo to provide its contribution for the peace and stability in the region and beyond, but also to fight all the negative phenomena.

We still have a lot to do in order to fulfil its ambition to become a member of the Euro-Atlantic family and the inertnational security structures.

Honourable Members of the Police, 

In this challenge of ours for order and law, your role is decisive! And I strongly believe in your dedication, ability and professionalism in your service to the citizen of Kosovo. Your successes in these past 15 years are the best testestament indicating that you shall be at the top of this mission. Your uniform today is a symbol of peace and security. Wear it with honour!

The grades which I wish you carry with pride – I know very well that you will consider them to be an obligation to serve with fervour and not simply a privilege.

I wish you success at work and continuous professional development!

Thank you.