Speech delivered by the Acting President of Kosovo Dr. Jakup Krasniqi at the event marking the Justice Day in Kosovo.

The Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Jakup Krasniqi participated in and held a keynote speech at the event marking the Justice Day in Kosovo.

Below you may read the contents of Mr. Krasniqi’s speech:

Dear participants,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to be attending the event marking the Justice Day in Kosovo. Following December the 10th, the day of the adoption of the 1948 UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights, Kosovo is marking, for the third time, the January 16, the Justice Day, which relates to the first oath taken by our judges and prosecutors, in an independent Kosovo.

Above the vestiges of a justice system and infrastructure that was ravaged before and during the war in Kosovo, we are building, in these years of freedom, a new and modern system, based on the principle of the division of powers and independence of the judiciary envisaged by the Constitution and the law. A constitutional order that relies on principles of freedom, peace and democracy, respect of human rights and rule of law has already been established in Kosovo.

The Constitutional Law in Kosovo enshrines modern principles and values of an advanced democracy. The Constitution of Kosovo provides that nobody is above the law and that all are equal in front of the law.

The Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo envisages a unique, independent, fair and impartial judiciary, free from politics and providing for an equal access to the courts.

We are in the right track of establishing an independent, impartial, effective and professional judiciary that will observe lawfulness and respect of the Constitution of the country, as a precondition to the rule of law.

Kosovo is putting democratic values it is creating in the justice system in practice step by step. Kosovo is sharing its values with developed democracies in a situation of freedom and equality now.

The Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo has adopted hundreds of new laws, supplementing thus the legal framework considerably and applying modern legal and human rights standards compatible with the acquis communautaire.

The challenge of making radical reforms, in harmony with the recently adopted legislation on this important field for our state, lies ahead of our judiciary. These reforms, which always relate to the system, including reconstruction of institutional infrastructure, reorganisation of law enforcement authorities and protective functions, will make our state more efficient and trustworthy to the people.

Being a democratic state, Kosovo is considered as a state of rule of law, and it can be called a democracy only as a state of rule of law and respect for the Constitution.

By its Constitution and legal framework, Kosovo abides by all relevant international human rights and freedoms instruments and guarantees additional rights to minority communities, apart from the rights guaranteed by international conventions, making itself a good international example of advanced minority rights practices.

More than ever, Kosovo needs a credible, morally pure, professional and efficient judiciary. The judiciary has to constitute the main pillar of the fight against corruption and any type of crime. It needs to embark on this fight by starting with its own ranks, so as to protect justice bodies from corruptive and criminal activities.

A while ago, I appointed hundreds of new judges and prosecutors, adding thus to the lacking human resources of our judiciary, but much work remains to be done to reach a sufficient number and to ensure, in particular, professional development and provision of adequate working conditions and remuneration based on the merit.

I use this important event as an opportunity to thank all international supporters of justice in Kosovo, such as USAID, UNDP, EULEX, etc., and organisers of this event as well.

Thank you!