President Jahjaga’s speech at the Summit of the South-East European Cooperation Process in Tirana

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga is participating at the Summit of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP), which is developing its proceedings in Tirana, under the one year chairmanship of the Republic of Albania.

She delivered a speech, which we are fully publishing below:
Honourable President Nishani,
Honourable Presidents, Representatives of Governments,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have the pleasure to participate here today, at the South-Eastern Europe Cooperation Summit, exceptionally organised and hosted by President Nishani, which expresses in a best manner the changes which have occurred in the whole region of South-Eastern Europe and the spirit of cooperation which this change has carried with itself.
I would like to express my gratuity and to congratulate President Nishani for the extraordinary work done during the last 12 months under the chairmanship of Albania, in SEECP’ strengthening and its presence in critical fields, which aim to strengthen local cooperation, an important condition for the improvement of our economies and a necessary step in approximation of each country with the European Union.
I would also like to congratulate the President of Bulgaria, Mr. Plevneliev, who will be the chairing the South-Eastern Europe Cooperation process in the following year. I wish many successes to our joint undertakings, to as region overcome the difficulties which still hold hostage the expansive development of this part of the European continent.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Following our membership in this important regional forum in Bucharest last year, Kosovo has continued to provide its active contribution as an equal member to strengthening of the regional cooperation.
Today, more than ever before, western Balkan states are united in the aspiration of European Union membership, as the only alternative for each of our countries which is helping in transformation of the whole region. This has been possible only through opening of the European perspective for every one of us, because in essence, this has been a step which has helped us overcome the consequences of the past and which has made the need to cooperate a necessity.
And we must cherish this moment, as the EU project has not only brought political stability but has increased prosperity, has enabled freedom of movement and has helped reconciliation between nations. For this reason this is the most special common project of all the nations of Europe, project which has converted diversity to its greatest value.
We are at an unstoppable process of European integrations. This is a guarantee for development of all our countries. Integration into a system of such values will preserve the peace and will build understanding between us. This pragmatic cooperation between people is necessary for the western Balkan’s region. It helps us deepen the dialogue and close the road of confrontation.
The latest changes in our region have only been possible through the clear aim of European integrations. And for this reason we still require that the European perspective of the region, which unites us all, to be concrete and to offer incitement for internal reforms.
Kosovo remains dedicated to regional stability and strengthening of neighbourly relations by contributing to this cooperation.
Our countries need more investment, and we all know that investors will evade countries which do not offer stability in order to develop their economy.
Region must speak in unison; in creation of joint developmental projects, particularly in the fields of infrastructure and energy and to become important part in the European maps in these relevant fields. For this, we need closer cooperation among us, which induces economic development and competition. Above all, cooperation in fighting of corruption and organised crime, particularly the fighting of cross-border crime.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Meetings like this very one must help us find ways in which to respond to the challenges of the future.
No country is untouchable and inviolable by the latest trends of radicalisation and extremism, and therefore our fight against these evils which are threatening our collective security must be a joint fight.
Our governance, built upon the will of the citizens, dedicated to rule of law and order, democratization and economic development, are the best response to these phenomena.
Security is not just an internal issue, and we must turn it into the strongest link of regional unity. Our response to extremism and radicalisation must be our development, undertaking of reforms and engagement in all sectors, greater inclusion of citizens in decision making and above all, offering of greater opportunities.
Therefore, governance which is based upon democratic values in our countries, which aims to cooperate with other countries and has all inclusiveness as a response, is necessary.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
By maintaining the dynamics of our advancement in European agenda, we shall consolidate the values of developed and just societies, which overcome the torments of the past.
We must not waste away the moment at which we are and we cannot undo the dialogue through which we have opened the way to each other. The answer lies in us- in our will to talk and to reach agreements. In our willingness to implement agreements which are products of political solutions.
During these decisive moments for the region, we need more courage. We need more clarity and less daily politics. We need more dedication for the values we committed to be led by in this new century.