Sejdiu: Rule of law is in the interest of Kosovo

“Prosecutors will enjoy my unreserved support in helping ensure that institutions of rule of law accomplish their roles and responsibilities and that Kosovo prosecutorial and judicial systems remain free from politics”, President Sejdiu said during a visit to the Office of the State Prosecutor today.

During the meeting with Mr. Ismet Kabashi, Chief State Prosecutor, and Mr. Johannes Van Vreeswijk, Chief EULEX Prosecutor, President Sejdiu said that he fully supports efforts by prosecution bodies and judiciary in general to ensure an all-inclusive rule of law and to see that the judicial institutions are discharging their mandates.

“It is not that long ago that I decreed these people, for I was fully convinced that they would live up to the duties that they have assumed. One must also note that judicial and prosecutorial systems are undergoing a sweeping reform, in an attempt to recruit enough judges and prosecutors who meet international standards”, President Sejdiu pointed out.

On the other hand, praising the visit by President Sejdiu to the Office of the State Prosecutor and expressing his appreciation for President’s strong support to prosecutors’ offices and judiciary in general, Chief Prosecutor Kabashi said that he has updated the President on the general state of affairs with regard to prosecutors’ offices. He said: “We are at a stage of establishing our offices by way of appointments of which the President is a carrier. I assured him that, in the future, prosecutors will  provide their contribution to rule of law and fight against all the negative phenomena hampering Kosovo in its path to Europe”.

Speaking of difficulties that the Office of the State Prosecutor is coming across, President Sejdiu confessed: “It is nor easy for them, because, apart from limited office space, they also need to liaise with other judicial and prosecutorial bodies”.

“These powers are divided in every democracy – President Sejdiu added – and they have a positive role to play, but, though divided, they have to serve the national interests of the country that they protect.”

“Our interest is in the rule of law and this is not only a part of our vision to have rule of law prevailing in Kosovo, as on of the requirements to meet, rather, rule of law is in the interest of Kosovo as a whole”, he asserted.

Unwilling to comment on the engagement of important Kosovo officials in the fight against corruption, which, as President Sejdiu maintained, have an obligation to assist pursuant to legal and constitutional provisions, the President also said prosecutorial and judicial bodies are bound to do their job, as nobody is above the law.

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