Sejdiu: Republic of Kosovo’s borders are internationally known and recognized

“Republic of Kosovo’s borders are known and these borders are internationally recognized. Anybody’s approach which in a way or another entails the intent to change these borders is unacceptable” – the President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu said today during a visit to the municipality of Peja.

“We want to have good relations with Montenegro and we have proven this in the practical steps that we have undertaken so far” – President Sejdiu said, adding that the relevant bodies which deal with the demarcation of state borders and border crossing points, which are necessary to ensure the movement of people and goods, will do their job properly.

“Kosovo has clearly drawn borders and anybody who intents to bring about some minor uncertainties that run counter to the principles of normal interstate relations will get a proper answer” – President Sejdiu.

For us it is important that Montenegro and Kosovo have mutual friends. Both countries are very interested in moving quickly toward their integration into Euro-Atlantic community and both countries are playing their role in the regional cooperation” – he said.

Today, President Sejdiu, accompanied by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Lutfi Zharku, paid a visit to the municipality of Peja, where the Mayor of this municipality Ali Berisha updated him on the developments in this municipality and the problems faced and achievements made by the local authorities.

Mr. Berisha said that the local government here has provided for the preservation of political stability and has undertaken an array of important steps to invest in infrastructure, to computerize municipal services and to implement a series of other projects. He also underscored obstacles faced in certain fields.

President Sejdiu said that all mayors enjoy his support and that he encourages them to do their best in serving their citizens, for, he maintained, the local government is closest to the citizens. He said that the local authorities must persist in abiding by law and in observing citizens’ interests.

Today, President Sejdiu and Minister Zharku also participated in inauguration of ELKOS Distribution Centre in Peja. On this occasion, the owner of the company, Ramiz Kelmendi, informed President Sejdiu about their plans to expand their business in Albania and presented some significant results that this company has achieved in introducing domestic products in its sales points.

Commenting on this, President Sejdiu said that the real policy of a country is the one that can bear fruit in practice. He welcomed company’s efforts to increase the number of employees and reiterated that if around 40,000 businesses in our country would only hire an employee each, they would considerably contribute to the decrease of the rate of unemployment.

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