Sejdiu: Kosova is a success story

Prior to today’s meeting, President Sejdiu hosted a lunch for the International Steering Group, during which he updated them on the overall latest developments in Kosovo, on the commitment of the people and institutions of Kosovo to a speedy process of integration, to cooperation with the ICO, EULEX and KFOR and to meeting expectations of the people of our country.

“Implementation of Kosovo’s political objective of a speedy integration process remains a permanent challenge, and, in terms of internal affairs, challenges involve economic growth, rule of law and so on”, President Sejdiu affirmed.

On this occasion as well, President Sejdiu called on state representatives present at the meeting to assist in ensuring a further international recognition for Kosovo and in its accession to international institutions.

President Sejdiu said that, owing to the engagement of institutions of our country and all Kosovo friends, he expects positive changes will ensue the rendering of the ICJ opinion in terms of further recognition.

“Despite challenges that the new state of Kosovo is facing, Kosovo is a success story, a good story of a quality progress made following its independence. On the other hand, we have committed to meet expectations of our people, to provide for an integrated Kosovo, an irreversible and non-negotiable independence and a complete territorial integrity”, President Sejdiu emphasized.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Thaçi said today’s meeting opens a new chapter in the Republic of Kosovo on the verge of the announcement of the ICJ opinion. He maintained that the opinion will be followed by progress in the Republic of Kosovo and its further international recognition and by a speedy integration into NATO and the EU, even in the United Nations.

The International Civilian Representative in Kosovo Mr. Piter Feith said that today’s meeting indicates that the state and institutions of Kosovo have been consolidated, that a major progress has been made in implementing President Ahtisaari’s Proposal and that the International Steering Group strongly supports the independence of Kosovo, which represents an irreversible process and reveals the strong commitment to ensuring respect of Kosovo’s territorial integrity.

At the press conference, President Sejdiu answered journalists’ questions regarding fight against corruption and organized crime. President said that institutions that deal with rule of law must do their work and must never allow politics to interfere or dictate justice and that it is their duty to solve the cases referred to them.

Prime Minister Thaçi also said there should be no political interferences in terms of rule of law and that they should live up to duties appertaining to them as institutions of Republic of Kosovo.

“We have build capacities and we have the determination and the power to take decisions that appertain to us, praising and appreciating the facilitating and supportive role of all international institutions operating in Kosovo, such as the ICO and EULEX”, Prime Minister Thaçi underscored.

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