Sejdiu hails the end of hearings at the ICJ, awaits new recognitions for the state of Kosovo

At the conclusion of hearings at the Hague International Court of Justice (ICJ), the President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, expresses his high consideration for the maturity with which proceedings were conducted by the Court and his appreciation for all the countries, which, through their representatives, have presented once again strong arguments that have also been decisive for the independence of our country.

Republic of Kosovo’s delegation has made a successful presentation at the ICJ by reaffirming that the independence of Kosovo was declared based on the will of its people and in an utter compliance with the international law and by providing sufficient arguments to support its statements.We expect that new developments will have a positive epilogue and that changes that were made in Kosovo will receive a positive rating, for they also serve as an argument about the sustainability of our state.The request for these proceedings to be conducted at the Court that was filed by Serbia – which has endeavored to keep Kosovo as his colony by violence – was an attempt to impede positive developments in Kosovo and to prevent further international recognitions that are coming from countries around the world.I am very confident that many countries which have, for a reason or another, waited for the hearings at the ICJ to end, will take the right decision to recognize the state of Kosovo and will support its accession to other international institutions, like they did in the case of Kosovo’s becoming a member of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

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