Press release from the Office of the President of the Republic of Kosovo

Opening of the topics on the rights of communities and the Association of Serbian Municipalities in the Brussels dialogue, is a grave and a very dangerous mistake made by the Government of Kosovo. It is a blow to the statehood and a violation of the sovereignty of our state. These issues have been addressed and resolved within the Ahtisaari Package, which preceded the declaration of the independence, but also within the Brussels Agreement of April 2013, as well as with the decision of the Constitutional Court. Therefore, no one has a mandate to speak on behalf of Kosovo on already closed topics, in Brussels or anywhere else. Kosovo cannot and must not at any price allow the formation of a political entity within its territory, which would be a reproduction of the Republika Srpska in the territory of Kosovo.

The discussion tomorrow in Brussels, on the subject of the Association, is the beginning of the installation of the Republika Srpska inside the territory of the Republic of Kosovo. Whereas, the discussion on Kosovo’s properties with Serbia is contrary to the Constitution and the laws of Kosovo, and is a violation of the sovereignty of our state.

The Assembly of Kosovo must urgently address this dangerous step of the Government of Kosovo in the Brussels dialogue. It also urgently needs to vote on a resolution banning the prime minister from negotiating Kosovo's internal affairs and topics that endanger the internal state order.

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