President: Transparency increase is not a one way journey, MCC is helping the opening and utilisation of data

Prishtina, July 13th 2018 – President of the republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, attended today the launch of the first project of the Millennium Challenge ( MCC), “Diga Data” project in Kosovo.

President Thaçi said that last year, when Threshold agreement between Kosovo and US Government was signed at the US Congress, republican and democrat representatives witnessed in Washington  a sincere engagement and deep dedication to economic, political and social progress in Kosovo.
“Today, I am happy to see participants from civil society, media, but also private sector at the launch of the “Dig Data”, or the Challenge of Open Data. Open data has been a priority of governments during these last years. All institutions have cooperate to ensure transparency increase, but the transparency increase is not a one way journey.
Millennium Challenge Corporation project will help in opening of data, but also the utilisation of data by the public, civil society, businesses and Kosovar institutions”. Said President Thaçi.
As the President of the Republic, he said, he meets people every day, citizens who ask and work in order for the state to provide more to its citizens.
“We are currently involved in deep and multiple reforms. Transition has not stopped, and has left many strata uninformed on new laws, on policies and regulations which have stemmed from the European integration process. We cannot say that a large amount of work has not resulted out of this in many ministries, agencies and institutions, but we can say that often this labour has not been relayed and that often there was not sincere cooperation between different sectors. |Media has been asking for answers, institutions have been asking for more understanding, citizens have been asking for a result”, said President Thaçi.
The head of state added that the Open data Challenge project, or as it has been named by the Millennium Challenge Corporation “Dig Data”, aims to increase this cooperation.
“This year we will be working with unemployment, education and labour market data. Projects which analyse data and which will find answers on the best manner of cooperation of the Government, NGO and business triangle, and such solutions will be included in the institutional practice.
I have great faith in the fact that if we focus on data and not on hearsay, if we work with numbers and not with gossip, we will achieve greater success as a society. I believe that Kosovo may aim for further support from MCC and US Government, if we focus on better life indicators. Of e better economy. Of a more all-encompassing democracy and of a society which aims to become a NATO and EU member state”, said President Thaçi.
The head of state said that we are involved in different, not easy, processes, as are reforms in economy and attraction of investors and dialogue with our neighbours.
“Great help which can be provided by the citizens, is to dialogue with us, with institutions. To provide proposals and ideas on how to proceed ahead. This project establishes such a value, because it enables a platform for such a dialogue and such cooperation”, said the President.
President Thaçi congratulated the MCC team on this project and for their whole operation in Kosovo.
He also added that he expects to see the launching of other projects in the fields of energy, transparent governance, in order for citizens to see concrete results of major investments made by the American people for our wellbeing and good governance. 

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