President Thaçi’s statement to the media

Economic development, job creation, increasing social welfare for the citizens, infrastructure projects with large capital, airlines, railways and highways, have always been a priority of the state of Kosovo, as well as the need to clarify the fate of the missing persons and the individual return of all the displaced persons to their homes and properties. These commitments have had positive impacts throughout the Western Balkans.

I express the highest considerations for the leadership of the President of the United States of America, President Trump, who today managed to materialize the effort to reach an understanding between the state of Kosovo and the state of Serbia in benefit of peace, economic development and Euro-Atlantic future.

I once again thank the Special Envoy, Ambassador Grenell, for his gigantic commitment to making this process productive, efficient and, I believe, implementable.

Kosovo believes in the leadership of the United States of America and in the vision of Washington, because throughout the history of Kosovo this has brought only benefits, such as the liberation, and the independence of Kosovo, the establishment of an army that will end integrated in NATO, and now also the economic development.

Kosovo must now continue to work for membership in international organizations and for new recognitions, for our country to be fully consolidated domestically and internationally.

The friendship between Kosovo and the United States is eternal.

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