President Thaçi visits UCCK, thanks medical personnel for their engagement in fighting of the virus COVID -19

Prishtina, March 25th 2020 – President of the country Hashim Thaçi visited today the University Clinical Centre, where he expressed his appreciation to the doctors, nurses, technicians and all healthcare employees and UCCK employees for their sacrifice and incessant engagement in order to as easily and properly possible overcome the situation created by the COVID-19 virus.

“I have respected the protocol of the healthcare institutions and have had limited movement. I met with the doctors who are leading all this engagement. The health of our citizens is in the hands of the doctors, professionals, UCCK clinics and Public Health Institute, and I have the full trust in, I became convinced in this today, medical personnel, their capacities and their professionalism, which serves as a model to our region,” said President Thaçi.   

The head of state called upon the citizens again to take the maximal care, for mutual solidarity, for calm and restraint.

“I am convinced that together we will overcome this situation too. Pay attention to and respect the recommendations of the National Public Health Institute, “added the President.

The President reiterated that the best way to prevent and fight the COVID 19 virus is that citizens remain in their homes.

“By staying at home you protect yourselves, your family and the society. Stay at home, don’t go out without a dire need to do so,” concluded President Thaçi. 

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