President Thaçi: The reunion of Germany turned into hope for freedom and democracy in our region

Prishtina, October 05, 2016 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, participated today at the solemn ceremony of the marking of the 26th anniversary of the reunion of Germany, which was organized by the German Embassy in Kosovo.

In front of many diplomatic representatives and representatives of the institutions of Kosovo, President Thaçi said that this feast is not only of the German people, but also of Europe and all people who love freedom.
“The reunion of the two Germanys was a feast for the people of Eastern Europe, because it was the most convincing signal that the time of the one-party system, the time of the prohibition of thinking differently, had ended. It was the signal that the era of freedom, democracy and equality was also starting for Eastern Europe”, said President Thaçi.
According to him, that day had been experienced in the same manner also among the people of the Balkans, including Kosovo.
“The reunion of Germany turned into hope for freedom and democracy. It became the inspiration for many anti-communist movements and monism in the Balkans”, he added.
Furthermore, President Thaçi also spoke about the support of the German state and the German people which they have given to Kosovo at various periods. He said that the Kosovars have been familiar with the values of the German society since the 60’s, with the wave of the first guest workers.
“Today, the largest diaspora of Kosovo is a result of this wave, an important bridge connecting Kosovo with Germany, but also one of the main nutrients of Kosovo. The support for Kosovo continued in the 90s as well when Germany opened the doors for hundreds of thousands of Kosovars, persecuted by the Milosevic regime”, he said.
President Thaçi said that Germany, after the war, was one of the main supporters of the efforts for peace and stability in the Balkan region.
“By utilizing the historical experience of the Franco-German reconciliation, the German diplomacy and Chancellor Merkel personally are firm supporters of the process of normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia”, assessed President Thaçi.
He said that the people of Kosovo will always be grateful to the German friend state and people.
“On important days like this day, we wish to deepen the cooperation and friendship between us”, concluded President Thaçi.

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