President Thaçi: The fate of the missing people to be brought to light urgently

Meje, April 27th 2019 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, participated today at the marking of the Day of the Missing held at Meje village, Gjakova municipality.

President Thaçi said in front of the family members of the missing individuals, that even twenty years later, the consequences of the war inflicted by the Serbian state ate still fresh to the families of the missing, for the citizens of Kosovo and for the conscience of the democratic world.

“Serbia carried out genocide and ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. It killed thirteen thousand and five hundred civilians, women, elderly and children. It carried out over four hundred massacres all around Kosovo, including Meja, where we are today. Serbian state apparatus raped twenty thousand women.  It deported over eight hundred thousand Albanians from their homes and properties,” said President Thaçi.

The head of state said that unfortunately, this genocide has not been punished by either local or international justice.

“It is somehow passing through the international silence, with a tendency to balance.  So, the punishment of the Serbian genocide is zero. Citizens of Kosovo want the truth and justice,” said the President.

The fate of the missing people, of all ethnicities, must be brought to light, urgently, said the President. 

“We had hoped that at the Brussels dialogue process this would be the first point, between our states. But Serbia has conditioned this process,” and that according to the President, “Kosovo cannot accept a conditioned process, neither at the Berlin meeting nor anywhere else.”

The head of state encouraged the Speaker of the Parliament, Kadri Veseli, for the initiative that Parliament of Kosovo in a near future approves a resolution on the Serbian genocide in Kosovo.

President Thaçi, expressing his gratitude for the presence of the Ambassador of the United States of America, Phillip S. Kosnett, said that this presence gives a special meaning to this meeting, raised hopes for justice, honours the victims and eases the pain of the families of the missing people.

“We are grateful to the United States of America, for standing by us during our most difficult moments” said President Thaçi.

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