President Thaçi pays homage to the statute of Zahir Pajazitit and the memorial “Ibrahim Rugova”

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Thaçi, on the occasion of 28th of November has paid homage to the statute of the Hero of Kosovo, Zahir Pajaziti, and the tomb of President Ibrahim Rugova, and announced that he will be paying homages to Prekaz as well.

The Head of State stated that this is a traditional homage that he pays to the Commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, President Rugova, and all freedom fighters, in sign of gratitude and respect to their contribution for Kosovo’s independence and freedom. 

“We were at the statute of the commander of Kosovo Liberation Army, Zahir Pajaziti, and now we are before the tomb of President Rugova, to honour his endeavours for a free and independent Kosovo. Also, we will be visiting Prekaz, and if possible all facilities, statutes and memorials that symbolize the freedom and independence of Kosovo, hence paying our homage and respecting the freedom martyrs, Kosovo’s heroes and personalities that contributed to the freedom and independence of our people”, stated the President.

Finally, the President said that he will always honour and commemorate their sacrifice for Kosovo’s freedom and independence.

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