President Thaçi meets Ulqin mayor, the Albanian community an important bridge between the two countries

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi met today with the Mayor of Ulqin, Nazif Cungu, who is also chairman of the leading party of Albanians in Montenegro, “New Democratic Power”.

President Thaçi assured the Mayor of Ulqin that Montenegro’s Albanians will always have his personal support and of the Republic of Kosovo, congratulating him for having reassumed the mayor’s post, and for the invitation Montenegro has received for membership into NATO.

“The relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Montenegro are increasingly improving and the Albanians in Montenegro are an important bridge of communication and connection between the two countries”, President Thaçi said.
Meanwhile, the Mayor of Ulqin, Nazif Cungu congratulated President Thaçi upon assuming the office of the head of state, and welcomed the calming of the political situation in Kosovo. “When Kosovo is calm, the Albanians living in their lands in others countries are calm too, but when Kosovo is tense, they feel much more anxious”, Mayor of Ulqin, Nazif Cungu said.
Mayor of Ulqin informed President Thaçi of the socio-economic situation of the Albanian community and of the latest political developments in Montenegro.

He also called on President Thaçi to lobby in Tirana and Podgorica to facilitate the passage of Kosovan tourists and diaspora at the Muriqa border crossing, where the queue of cars during the summer season is very long and people stand for hours waiting to cross the border.

President Thaçi assured the mayor of Ulqin that he will pay attention to this issue and will discuss with representatives of neighboring countries, as soon as he will meet with them.
Also, President Thaçi informed the Mayor of Ulqin, Nazif Cungu, that in the near future he will pay an official visit to Montenegro and, as an honorary citizen of Ulqin, he will certainly visit Ulqin again.

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