President Thaçi in Washington calls upon think-tanks to be part of the momentum for Kosovo and western Balkans

Washington, February 25th – President of the Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi met the leaders of the two most important think-tanks in Washington, with whom he discussed the need for USA to maintain the leading role in the processes in Kosovo and in the western Balkans.

A the first meeting, with James Carafano, Vice –President of “The Heritage Foundation”, President Thaçi stated that Kosovo aspires NATO and EU membership. 

“Kosovo’s membership in NATO and EU would mean less anti-western ideology in the whole western Balkans” said President Thaçi and added that to move forward Kosovo is working towards the achievement of a peace agreement with Serbia, in order to be free from the past and to move ahead.

At the second meeting with Jane Harman at “The Wilson Centre”, President Thaçi said that Kosovo is very lucky to enjoy bi-partisan support in Washington.

“There are no differences among parties in Washington in relation to Kosovo,” said the President and added that it is important that United States of America move forward the processes of the consolidation of the western Balkans.

At both meetings, President Thaçi pointed out that Kosovo story is a joint story of Kosovo and United States of America and added that this story is in need of its final chapter which is the final peace agreement with Serbia and integration in NATO and EU.  

President Thaçi said that a new momentum has been established with the direct engagement of US President Donald Trump through his special emissary Ambassador Grenell, and called that this momentum is harnessed and embraced in order to bring peace, stability and economic development in Kosovo and whole of Balkans. 

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