President Thaçi in Malta meets with the Prime Minister, Speaker of the Parliament and the Leader of the Oposition

Malta, Valetta, December 5th, – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Thaçi, continued his meetings with Maltese state representatives during his official visit to the capital Valetta.

This afternoon President Thaçi met with the Prime Minister of Malta, Mr. Joseph Muscat, with whom he discussed the opportunities for intensification of the bilateral relations of the two countries.

“Joint initiative for a cooperation framework of two Foreign Affairs Ministries is being implemented with great determination. We appreciate Malta’s support to Kosovo” said Mr. President, and added that Malta has supported Kosovo on political level, as well as through sending of personnel at various international organisations in Kosovo.

President Thaçi on this occasion recommended a meeting of the business communities of both countries in order to explore possibilities for cooperation in economy.

On the other hand, Maltese Prime Minister, Mr. Joseph Muscat, pledged his county’s support to Kosovo in all fields.

Presidenti Thaçi also met with the Speaker of the Parliament of Malta, Mr. Angelo Farrugia, with whom he discussed the cooperation between the parliaments of the two countries.

Mr. President and Speaker of the Maltese Parliament agreed that a closer cooperation of both parliaments would have a positive effect on advancement of cooperation between the two countries but also on a better representation of Kosovo on international arena, through cooperation with MP’s of various national assemblies as well as with MEPs.

Later on Mr. President also met with the Maltese leader of the opposition, Mr. Simon Busuttil. Mr. President thanked the leader of the opposition for their support to Kosovo and said that irrespective of political views, all parties in  Malta support Kosovo’s European perspective.

Mr. Busuttil reminded that it was his party that has led Malta’s independence process and that at the same time it was his party again which has led Malta towards its EU membership.

“We believed in our ability to be independent, despite us being a small state. But we also knew when it was time to integrate into European processes” said Mr. Busuttil.

“ I personaly, have also grown up with Kosovo’s war for independence, and am now working for Kosovo’s EU and Nato integration”, added President Thaçi.

In the evening, President Thaçi will be attending the state dinner, laid by the President of Malta, Ms. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, in honour of his visit to Malta.

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